Senior Perspective: Shari Rosen

Crows Feet. Balding. Wrinkles. These are all signs of aging. Although none of us yet possess these characteristics, we too are maturing, growing up and moving on to a new step in our lives. Before entering East, I never could have imagined where I would be today. The farthest I thought ahead was to what I would be eating for lunch that day and what new Pg-13 movie would be coming out that weekend that I could see without parental supervision. However, East interests became passions, altering my boring middle school afternoons of television and homework into times that shaped the person I am today. My love for watching plays skyrocketed into four successful, fun-filled years in the East Theatre Department. During this time, I learned how to be open-minded and to extend my creativity into every aspect of my life. My enthusiasm for swimming turned into four years of participating on the East Girl’s Swim Team, where I learned the importance of determination and teamwork. As well, my mild interest in singing transformed into an involvement with choir.

Never sit back. Never let the simple things pass you by. Remember the things you do, do not define who you are, but how you do them. Enthusiasm and passion are two necessary attributes in every aspect of your life inside and outside the classroom. As Dave Mustaine once said, “Moving on is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.” What I leave behind at East are some of the fondest memories of my life, the place I formed memorable friendships, a location to sleep during hell week, and a home away from home. Stop. Look around and appreciate. Time may fly by, but the moments will stick with you forever if you let them.