Senior Perspective: Katie Harris

Everybody’s first few days at East are extremely nerve-wracking. Late to the party as a sophomore, mine were especially stressful. However, I learned very quickly that at East, for every person who doesn’t want to help you, there are two people who would bend over backwards to do so. I never expected to experience such a strong sense of community in a high school the size of East.

Throughout the past three years, I have learned how natural it is here to establish long-lasting friendships with classmates, through experiences including the swim team, my tough sophomore year English class, Belles of East, and other groups. East has provided me with a multitude of opportunities, both in and out of the classroom. Some may say the size is overwhelming, but I don’t know of any other school that offers as much as East does, both academically and activity-wise. As the graduation countdown continues, it still has not hit me that I will not be walking down these hallways next year. It will be difficult to leave the environment that provided me with so many friendships and memories!

What they say about high school being an immeasurable growing experience is true. I feel exceptionally prepared to continue my education at the University of Maryland. Thank you for a great three years, East!