Senior Perspective: Daphna Varadi

Everyone always said, “Enjoy high school…it will be over before you know it.” But during September of my freshman year, it didn’t seem like high school would ever end. After graduating from Kellman Brown Academy with eight students, East felt like alien territory: overwhelmingly large and terrifying. Though I struggled with social anxieties, with time and effort, I eventually found my niche among the academic community.

Geared with a newfound confidence, I was able to pursue one of my greatest passions: volunteering. As a means of marrying academics with my love for helping others, I joined Bridge Tutoring at Beck and became an active participant in the FOP Holiday Party. I came to realize that, for me, there is no greater reward than watching a student’s eyes light up when he or she grasps a concept, or seeing the hundreds of mentally disabled children smile as they dance with the Phillies Phanatic. Furthermore, through Habitat for Humanity, I have been lucky to meet wholesome individuals who inspired me to continue my volunteering efforts after graduation.

Looking back, I cannot believe how quickly these four years flew by. My volunteering experiences instilled in me the confidence to take on numerous leadership positions as a senior and culminated in serving as a Mr. East chairlady which epitomized my senior year: volunteering presented an opportunity to bond with classmates I had never interacted with before. Though I am not looking forward to leaving East, I am looking forward to seeing how the skills I have acquired at East can be put to use in the real world and I know that these are memories I will always cherish.