Senior Perspective: Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson ('10)

We want what we can’t have. Kids want to be animals, adults want to be young and humans want superpowers. We have been taught that people can’t have their cake and eat it too. I beg to differ. While greed may be a flaw, knowing what you want sure isn’t, and going after it should be encouraged.

I’m a brunette, yet I envy blondes. I can’t sing, but I wish I could. I bite my nails, yet I want them to grow. There are many things I want but don’t have because I thought I simply couldn’t.

A time for education, puberty and embarrassment, high school provides students with the tools to learn. At Cherry Hill East, I’ve learned more information than I can remember. One lesson, however, does stand out from the rest; impossible really is nothing. Improbable as that sounds, it’s true.

As I’ve aged, I have realized that anything can happen. Man can walk on the moon. Cars can be made electric. IPods can record videos. Retinal implants can help the blind see. A one-minute YouTube video can transform you into an overnight celebrity. As we advance technologically and socially, infeasibilities become increasingly slim.                    

I’m tall, but I want to wear three-inch heels. I used to wear flats to prevent my hovering over people in public. However, despite my height, a few comments and the occasional stare, I now proudly sport pumps that cause people to mistake me for a giant. What does it teach me? The view is so much better from the top.