Senior Perspective: Angela Sun

Our generation is defined by Facebook, Twitter, and pop culture. However, one thing that differentiates us from our fellow teens is our high school. All the red-bull-fueled cram sessions, the endless drama about who knows what, and the irreplaceable memories we shared have come to define us more than anything else.  My involvement in our school’s Symphony Orchestra, Science Olympiad Team, and a wide-variety of clubs has shaped my perspective of trying and succeeding. Even as graduation day is approaching, I find comfort in knowing that the friendships that I have acquired are more than just temporary friendships. They are indestructible. They are forever. Over the past four years, we have become more than just a class of 501 students.  As clichéd as it sounds, we have grown as individuals with unique aspirations for what the future will bring. Beyond the crimson and white walls of Cherry Hill East lies nothing but success for each and every one of us. @CHEAST Cougars #forever J.