School-wide SGA hosts a bingo event


Mrs. Radbill

East students collect their bingo prizes at the SGA office.

This week, from Tuesday, January 31, 2023, to Friday, February 3, 2023, school-wide SGA is hosting a bingo event. At the beginning of each block, two to three numbers will be called. Students who win will be able to pick a prize from the SGA office.

“Bingo is an interactive school-wide event,” said school-wide vice president Jiwoo Lee (‘24). Even though it is a very small and simple game, it is an easy concept that can brighten each student’s day.

The purpose of the bingo tournament is to bring the entire school together through fun games of bingo. It is not only students who are getting in on the bingo fun, but also many of East’s teachers as well. Winners will be able to choose from a variety of prizes including candy, snacks, gift cards, keychains and more.

SGA decided to pursue the tournament because it “provides a sense of excitement across the entire school,” said school-wide vice president Crystal Yeh (‘24).

With this being the first time a bingo event has been held at East, it is very exciting. The idea was proposed by the SGA advisor, Mrs. Radbill, and the activities director, Mr. Davis, after they attended a conference that provided them with different ideas for student government.

Vice presidents Lee and Yeh shared that seeing it all come together and seeing their peers enjoy it is so rewarding.

While the tournament has only just begun, it is already proven that it will be a success for all. Students eagerly await the remainder of the week, in hopes they will get the chance to call “bingo!”