School-wide SGA gives out free hot chocolate


Courtesy of @cheastsga on Instagram

School-wide Vice President Crystal Yeh (’24) gives a student free hot chocolate.

On Tuesday, February 14th, 2023, School-wide Student Government Association (SGA) offered free hot chocolate to students as they came through Cherry Hill High School East’s student entrance. Students were to bring their own mugs for the student government officers to pour hot chocolate in. The hot chocolate was distributed before first period and SGA officers stood around and assisted students when they came in with their mugs. 

“SGA wanted to spread some Valentine’s Day cheer with our school by giving out hot chocolate in the morning! We’ve gotten some great responses about it, and we owe a huge thank you to Aramark for supporting us with the hot chocolate and helping us arrange the supplies early in the morning,” said School-wide President Chris Shin (‘23). 

Many students were eager to get their hot chocolate, bringing in all sorts of different mugs. People started entering East at 7 am and the student entrance was packed until 7:30 am. The whole process was very quick and SGA gave out hot chocolate until the last drop was left. SGA wanted to have the students bring in their own mugs to help limit paper and plastic waste. There were many reminders on Instagram for students to bring mugs. 

“Definitely the hot chocolate being free encouraged a lot of people to engage in the morning! Even if it was just a small cup of hot chocolate, students and teachers alike seemed to really appreciate it,” said Shin. 

SGA has done a lot of free events this year including the Valentine’s Day hot chocolate and Bingo Week, where they gave away dozens of prizes. SGA enjoys giving back to the students and faculty in various ways to build a sense of community and spirit within the school. Look out for more events that SGA has planned for this year.