School Store Opens

Monday marked the much anticipated opening of the week-long opportunity to purchase clothes, food, and apparel from Cougar Town, East’s school store, at discounted prices.

The school store, known around East for specializing in the sales of doughnuts, pizza, and numerous types of school apparel, stands prominently as a large success during its business projects, and as so, it seems as if each time it opens with sales, large numbers of students are swiftly drawn in.  As proven with the huge lines emerging from the school store this past week, the sales still never fail to create excitement within the student body.

Students running the store worked hard selling everything from T-shirts, to Under Armour sweatshirts, to Smoothie King and Chipotle, once again successfully making the school store a place with a great deal of variety where almost every student wants to stop in and purchase something.