Roberto Sul (’19) beats out the competition at the Wing Bowl after consuming 41 wings

Roberto Sul (19) dominates the competition.

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Roberto Sul (’19) dominates the competition.

Wing Bowl 2018 is off to a great start!!!!

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Across the Ben Franklin Bridge this afternoon was the Wing Bowl hosted in the Wells Fargo Center, but on the other side of the bridge, Cherry Hill East hosted it’s very own Wing Bowl. The Wing Bowl had 20 contestants representing students and faculty of East in hope for the coveted prize of $100. The rules were as follows: the first round would be six minutes long, and will result in the elimination of half the contestants. The second round was four minutes long, and the wing tallies are cumulative. After the second round, only five competitors will be left. The third round is two minutes long and will end with only three standing. The final round will last one minute and someone will be crowned Wing Bowl Champion. 

There were many surprising contestants in tonight’s wing bowl but the performance of Mr. Weingrad was extremely impressive. Mr. Weingrad “the sauce boss” had come to East only five months ago and made it to the final round coming in third place despite being vegan.

On the other hand, Justin Prechodko (‘18) otherwise known as “JP” was the fan favorite of the night finishing in second place with an outstanding 39 wings. JP had a different approach than many other contestants instead of eating off the bone JP got his hands dirty and tore the chicken off the wings to maximize time. Unfortunately JP fell to someone he knew quite well from the East football team Roberto Sol (‘19). 

Roberto was late to enter but stole the show after he flew through 41 total wings becoming Wing Bowl champion and the opportunity to defend his title next year. Despite the Wing Bowl’s recent drought at East the students and faculty were excited.  The flooded the stands in their Eagles attire. Wing Bowl will hopefully be around for the foreseeable future at East and E-A-G-L-E-S!