Restaurants finally reopen in New Jersey

Restaurants in the state finally reopen for outdoor dining.

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Restaurants in the state finally reopen for outdoor dining.

The Coronavirus has undoubtedly changed how New Jersey operates for many things, one of them being restaurants. For several months, restaurants have offered takeout and delivery. Now, New Jersey restaurants are undergoing Stage 2 of reopening, which allows for individuals to finally dine outdoors.

A well-known local restaurant in NJ is P.J. Whelihans, whose goal is to “spread love, not the germs,” according to their website. The restaurant is taking precautions to make an enjoyable and safe experience for those dining and those serving. In fact, a new safety plan that includes pre-screening employees, increased sanitation and social distancing has been in effect. Once a customer finishes his or her meal, their menu is replaced. Each beverage comes in a new glass and a wrapped straw as well.

Saahil Gupta (‘20) enjoyed a meal with a family friend and detailed his experience with the new procedure implemented.

“Well, for one there’s a wide use of masks and social distancing,” Gupta said.
The use of masks and social distancing are things many have had to adjust to since the introduction of the virus. These safety measures make the senior feel much safer while eating.

The “first come first serve” seating allows for parties to dine six feet a part. A change to how waiters serve food has come along with P.J Whelihan’s safety plan. To serve food to customers, the waiter puts the food in a box and bag and hands it to the customer.

“They’re doing a good job,” said Gupta, “They’re staying safe while providing good service to their customers.”

As for the future, Governor Murphy announces that indoor dining will make its return shortly. New Jersey restaurants will allow 25% of its usual seating capacity by July 2. Step by step, restaurants will reopen completely.