Senior Perspectives: Pooja Rambhia


Many people say that high school is only about getting an education and preparing yourself for college and the real world. However, I believe that along with academics, high school is about making memories, getting involved, and finding out who you are as a person. For me, high school is where I found my interests, met amazing friends, and made the best memories.

As a freshman in a huge high school, I was nervous, like every other freshman, to get stuffed into a locker or to get lost and not know my way around school. With the help and advice from past alumni, I began to get involved in as many school activities that I could. Clubs such as DECA, Indian Cultural Society, volleyball, Future Doctors of America, Habitat for Humanity, Student Government, and FOP gave me many opportunities to make new friends and take leadership roles. Many of the clubs I joined freshman year have been the biggest influences and the most memorable experiences in my high school career.

Throughout high school, I’ve experiences the most embarrassing moments, the most stressful moments, and the most exciting moments, In considering all of that, high school for me has been nothing like I imagined it to be. The faculty, students, school spirit, diversity, and talent of this school have gone way past my expectations. The school spirit, East pride, and diversity are limitless. The basketball games with the countrymen screaming and chanting, the stressful spirit week dances, football games, school plays, blood drive, Multicultural Day, and Mr. East are all important aspects that make East such a unique school.
As I am days away from being a high school graduate, my past four years at East have taught me a great deal. They have taught me to be a diligent worker, a multitasker, an open-minded person, and a professional procrastinator. Senior year alone, with college applications, senior trip, Mr. East, powder puff, prom, spirit week, and Multicultural Day, have brought me memories that i will take away from my high school career and remember for a lifetime.
 As cliché as it sounds, high school consists of the best four year as a young adult. As I embark a new journey in my life, and continue my studies at the University of Delaware, I leave as a stronger individual; more experiences, more humble, and more prepared for my life ahead. Since I have learned so much from East, it has shaped me into the person I am today. And because of that, I will be bringing a part of East with me into college and beyond.