Photo club meets today, December 7

Photo club held a meeting today, on December 7, 2010 in room F074.  Although normally 25 members usually attend, only five were able to make the meeting.

As everyone signed in, Mr. Kovnat, the advisor of the club, asked the members what they would like to do for the meeting. Two members took pictures in the dark room, two worked with Kovnat on how to use Photoshop and one re-took pictures.

Mr. Kovnat first introduced the tools of Photoshop to the members, such as how to radiate and erase blemished from a photo.  Primarily, Kovnat advised that the members should practice using the keyboard, because using different key combinations can access a lot of the main tools of Photoshop.  For example, one can enlarge a picture using the key combination control zero rather than having to click on the actual magnifying tool.

“[Photoshop] is so huge and monstrous. I have been using Photoshop for 12 years and have gone through 10 generation of [the program]” said Kovnat.

Kovnat also taught the two members Photoshop tricks, such as adding words over text.

“I think the images on Photoshop are very deceiving, but funny. A lot of the times, on social networking sites, you see a lot of people use to Photoshop to put words on pictures,” said Leah Mashioff, Photo club member.

The next meeting for the club will be in early January, so make sure to stop by and witness the picture perfect world of the photographers at East.