People’s Choice Awards honors students who have made an impact

On Wednesday, May 7, students were honored for overcoming adversity, making a difference and impacting their teachers at the 2014 People’s Choice Awards. The program began with a music prelude by the saxophone quartet directed by Ms. Gia Walton, followed by an introduction from Dr. Lawyer Chapman. The presentation of awards started as the students sat in chairs on the auditorium stage while a member of the faculty went up to the podium. The faculty member then gave a speech and an anecdote about the student he or she nominated and why that student deserved the award. The student then received a medal from his or her nominator. All of the teachers got to share personal connections they made with their nominees and how the student impacted them.

“[The ceremony] is a huge honor because of the impact that [my teachers] had on me. It was an honor to impact them as well,” said Stephen Huff (’14).

After the presentation of the awards, Elisabeth Siegel and Sarah Kahn performed “For Good” from the musical Wicked. A reception in the cafeteria followed where the students and their families were able to take pictures with the teachers who nominated them.

“I feel that it means so much to the students that we recognize them for their achievements. It wounds my heart that students aren’t always recognized for all they accomplish,” said Dr. Lawyer Chapman.

The students who are recognized are truly touched by the awards, especially because the awards recognize qualities that are not usually rewarded in this type of way.

Michael Borinski (’14) said, “I was shocked when I was nominated. I live my life always to be kind and caring. It’s amazing to be recognized for something that isn’t normally recognized like that”.