Over 300 donors volunteered at the Spring Blood Drive

Spring Blood Drive proves to be a whopping success.

Courtesy of CHEBloodDrive Twitter

Spring Blood Drive proves to be a whopping success.

Julia Benedetto, Eastside Staff

While the annual Cherry Hill East Spring Blood Drive was unfortunately cut short by one day due to the snow day on Tuesday March 14, it still remained a huge success. The blood drive, originally scheduled to take place on both March 14 and 15, instead was only able to take place on the 15. Although one day was lost, the second blood drive day was rescheduled for May 23. All donors who were originally scheduled to donate blood on March 15 were then able to do so on the rescheduled day.

Over 300 donors signed up to donate blood for just the first day and walk-ins were accepted, which only helped to increase the number of donations. Although there was a delayed opening on March 15, tons of people still showed up early to donate.

Maddie Phillips (‘17), a former blood drive chairperson, said “A lot of people still came today even with the delay, and we have a big amount of people donating this year, more than usual.”

The theme for this years blood drive is March Madness. Blood drive chairperson Emma Stopek (‘19) said “We always think of themes that are relevant in the times, kind of like pop culture related. So now, we are doing March Madness because it’s the first blood drive this early in March.”

The t-shirts were designed based off of the March Madness logo and all of the blood drive sponsors were listed on the back of the shirt. Several sponsors donated a wide variety of foods such as pizza, water ice, donuts and tons of other options for those who donated blood to snack on.

The blood drive took place in the library annex and lasted all day. Many donors could be seen sitting and waiting for their turn to donate and several chairpeople were also found accompanying those brave enough to donate by either holding their hand or just engaging in conversation to help get the donors minds off of the needle.  

Carrie Baeckstrom (‘17), a donor for several years, said “It’s a shame that [the blood drive] got messed up because of the snow day but it’s always a fun experience and I’m always happy to donate.”

For any further blood drive updates you can follow their account on Twitter @cheblooddrive.