Outer Space Frosh recap


Lucas Tang ('23)

Students crowd the dance floor and show off their dance moves at Frosh.

On Friday, January 13th, around 400 students from different grades and schools—the majority being East freshmen—went to Cherry Hill East dressed to the nine for the Class of 2026’s Frosh Dance. This year’s theme was “outer space” and the dance indeed reflected that through its starry streamers and universe-themed lanterns placed throughout Cafeteria 1. in the Teachers’ Caf, students took pictures in front of a starry backdrop with the word “FROSH” spelled out of tons of white and yellow stars.

There was a variety of food served at the dance. Some savory items included crispy fried chicken strips, pigs in a blanket, pretzel bites with different dips, nachos, and spanakopita (a pastry filled with cheese and spinach). In addition, there were sweets that included a fruit tray, brownies and cookies.

The dance had a great atmosphere. The DJ played some newer, popular songs like “Right Foot Creep” and “Old Town Road” and some classics like the “Cha Cha Slide” and the “Cupid Shuffle”. People danced with their dates, had fun with their peers, and chilled with their friends. Sometimes, when the excitement built up, dance circles would form in the center of the Caf near the DJ and some skilled dancers would show off their cool dance moves. However, Frosh wasn’t just for hardcore dancers; some students had fun with their friends at tables or in the hallway.

Overall, the dance was a great success! Students enjoyed the out-of-this-world experience and had many fun-filled moments with their friends.