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One Acts preview

Last week, six students who submitted a One Acts proposal were chosen to direct their own show at East. The student director chooses, casts and directs a show made up of one act to be performed. The chosen directors picked their casts last week as well. The chosen shows are as follows:

“Imperfect Proposal” by Lisa Parry, directed by Shari Rosen (‘10). This romantic comedy follows a man named Ben’s attempts to propose to his girlfriend Kate during a romantic picnic in the park. Sadly, all of his tries are thwarted by other park goers such as rambunctious football players, Kate’s ex-boyfriend Andrew and a rich socialite, not to mention the annoying elderly couple that comments on Ben’s every move.

“Making Nice” by Alan Haehnel, directed by Zach Siegel (‘11). This comedy, about putting on a failing show, takes place the night before the play “Cyberline” opens and Barbara, the director, is abusing her cast. Fortunately (or unfortunately) two representatives from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration: Theater division (OSHAT) come and threaten to shut down the production if Barbara continues to mistreat her cast. Therefore, the audience will watch -and laugh- at everything that can go wrong go wrong, from wolves running into the set because they cannot see out of their costumes to an actress that cannot stop laughing during her death scene, as Barbara struggles to make nice and keep her cool.

“Lunch” by Burton Bumgarner, directed by Shayna Penn (‘10). This one act is a drama/comedy about the miserable lives of two high school misfits, Dana and George. Dana’s tormentors are cheerleaders Buffy, Tarra and Alicia. George faces two high school football players, Corry and Michaela, everyday as they take his lunch. Between the bullies and Rob and Lisa, a stereotypical high school couple, Dana and George realize that they can overcome bullying. The show launches into a series of daydreams as Dana and George build self-confidence by imagining their futures as potential CEO’s, CIA spies and art gallery directors.

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“O FortunaCom!” written and directed by Kyle Levine (‘10), is having its stage debut at Cherry Hill East. When A.J. dies in a train accident, he finds that the afterlife is a whole lot like a business, and he’s given the job of managing Peter Nomel’s bad luck! But when a computer glitch allows A.J. to give Peter a life of complete leisure, things around the office get a little crazy.

“Gotta Get Pumped!” by Jeffrey Smart, directed by Matt Bennett (‘10.) This drama is about Davey, a small freshman, who starts on a quest to get pumped up to be like his professional wrestler idol. However, Davey develops “bigorexia,” a real disorder that is a lesser-known counterpart to women’s anorexia, in which men become obsessed with developing their bodies. Davey starts to take an over-the-counter adrenal hormone possibly connected to uncontrollable rage. The only one who believes Davey has a problem is his sister, Holly, who is a former anorexic.

“God,” by Woody Allen, will also be directed by Sean Owens (‘10). This play within a play switches from present-day to ancient times, and is about a Greek actor and writer who are deciding how to end their play.

The Once Acts will be performed at East on May 8.

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