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Mysterious locker room odor makes noise

A foul odor emanated from the boys’ locker room today near the East Gym. Students first detected the scent at the end of second period Phys. Ed. as the gym classes lined up to exit the locker room, but the smell persisted for the remainder of the day, permeating the nearest hallway and staircase.

“It smelled like a mix between a vacuum cleaner bag, parmesan cheese and vomit,” said David Deng (’13), who was in the locker room when the smell broke out. “It was the most disgusting thing I have ever smelled.”

Rumors about the source of the odor have circulated all day.

“We think – we’re not sure – but in [a corner of the locker room], there was a carton of chocolate milk,” said an anonymous source close to the investigation. “It was spilled, and there [were] chunks.”

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The milk was spoiled, but it was unclear how long it had been in the locker.

“The story has evolved quite a bit,” said the aforementioned source. “First somebody said it was in there for two weeks, and by eighth period it was two months.”

This source could neither confirm nor deny rumors that a student had poured the bad milk on another student’s backpack, nor that the odor caused any students to vomit.

Mr. Ed Hall, member of campus security, said the locker room smelled like sour milk or throw-up, but had no information on the source.

“The smell was so awful,” said sophomore class president Greg Weinstock (’13), “we had to hold our breath when we changed [clothes] for gym. We tried to change as fast as possible so that we wouldn’t have to spend time without covering our noses.”

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  • J

    jason fabiApr 14, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    i love the smell of of throwup it reminds me of my moms house. I love it love it love it!!!

  • D

    DanMar 17, 2011 at 10:41 pm

    it smelled so bad! i heard someone threw up, it was so nasty. i almost threw up myself from the smell.