Multicultural Day participants celebrate their accomplishments

On Thursday, May 27, participants of East’s 2010 Multicultural Day met in Caf-2 to celebrate the event’s success. Having worked hard for months in advance to prepare, the various club members were glad to have their efforts pay off in the end.

The celebration also served the dual purpose of handing out awards to clubs. Various clubs were awarded certificates and gifts for their winning performances or museum displays.

The party also took time to present Mrs. Linda Heath, a prominent member of the math department who will be retiring this year and who also served as an organizer of Multicultural Day, with a personalized scrapbook. The scrapbook contained pictures of various Multicultural Day events, and messages from participants.

“[We made] a scrapbook for Mrs. Heath as her retirement present to thank her for all the years of effort she has put into this particular school event. She is someone that will be missed dearly,” said Jen Ho (’11).

The following clubs won awards for Multicultural Day:

1st Place: Chinese Culture Club
2nd Place: German Club
3rd Place: Korean Culture Club

1st Place: Indian Culture Society
2nd Place: Breakdancing Club
3rd Place: Korean Culture Dance Club