Ms. Jodi Bloch returns to East to teach Biology 1A, after graduating from East in 2002


Sophia Lang

Ms. Jodi Bloch teaches Biology 1A at East and has a successful first couple months.

Sophia Lang, Eastside Staff

For Ms. Jodi Bloch, teaching has been a lifelong occupation. In college, she tutored peers in Organic Chemistry and Calculus. Later, she worked as a physical therapist aide, where she taught patients how to perform their exercises.

“I’ve always taught, and I’ve also been a camp counselor for many years, so I kind of put [teaching and students] together eventually,” said Bloch.

Bloch, who graduated from East in 2002, went on to receive her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Muhlenberg College and her Master’s of Education and Teacher’s Certificate from The College of New Jersey.

Bloch did some long-term substitution in the South Jersey area, worked for three years at Lindenwold High School and spent one year working at a private school in Philadelphia. She has taught Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Environmental Science and General Science to grades six through twelve.

For the 2016-2017 school year, Bloch returned to her alma mater to teach Biology 1A. She was drawn back to East because of its high academic rating.

“I went through this system and it served me well, and I was glad to come back and pay it forward,” Bloch said.

So far, Bloch has been extremely satisfied with her experience at East. She is grateful for all the support the students and staff have shown her.

“The students are attentive and want to learn…they’re always happy to come into the classroom and want to participate,” Bloch said. “[The staff] are always ready to give their advice and help me succeed at being a Biology teacher here.”

Bloch has always been fascinated by science— in her senior year at East, she took three science courses. Now, as a teacher, she wants to share her passion for the subject with her students.

“My goal for this year is to provide a learning environment where the students can…succeed and learn new concepts and [learn] to love biology,” said Bloch.

She hopes that as the school year goes on, her students become more familiar with Biology and its real life application.

“The concepts are going to show them that everyday in their lives, they’re doing something biology-related,” she said.

While she wishes she had more time to meet with all the parents and students individually, Bloch is determined to work on tackling this challenge. She looks forward to watching her students learn and grow throughout the year.

“Seeing the success of my students is the best part of my job,” she said.

When it comes to teaching, she believes in keeping a receptive approach.

“Learn from everybody. Open your eyes and learn from everybody around you because everyone has a different learning style that you can incorporate into your own techniques…so always be open-minded,” said Bloch.