Mr. East Countdown: Mr. Vibrations—6 days to go!

You may know Noah Hinrichs as the schools resident DJ, one of the members of Casual Harmony, or simply that guy with killer fashion sense. But, on March 28, you’ll know him as Mr. Vibrations as he takes the stage at the 2014 Mr. East competition.

“I should be Mr. East because I think I got the oomf and excitement that it takes to be placed or hopefully win the honor of being Mr. East,” Mr. Vibrations said.

Other than conquering the Mr. East stage, Mr. Vibrations has plans to conquer college and beyond in the upcoming years.

“In college, I plan to study psychology, neuroscience, and possibly music production,” he said.

He continued, “In my life, I would love to graduate college and by that time either start my own business or go straight to medical school. Truthfully just be able to obtain a job that I enjoy but also is able to support in full and hopefully more, a family. But mostly to put my goal in life in a broader term, it’s to be genuinely happy and make those around me happy as well.”

As Mr. East approaches Mr. Vibrations was eager to reflect back on his time here at East.

“My biggest accomplishment at East was being one of the first freshman ever to be in the men’s acapella group Casual Harmony,” he said. His favorite memories at East were often musical as well.

“My best memory at east actually has been DJing homecoming dance for the school. I just had so much fun and got to connect with every grade and it was just an awesome experience,” Mr. Vibrations said.

Music is a passion that seeps into all aspects of Mr. Vibration’s life. Besides DJ school events, Mr. Vibrations works as a DJ outside of school as well. When he’s not dropping the beat, Mr. Vibrations can be found participating in rowing events, as he is on a crew team.

Other than a passion for music, Mr. Vibrations also has a need for speed.

“Something a lot of people don’t really know about me is that I love driving, like my dream job would to be a Grand Prix race car driver,” he said.

He also expresses his artistic side through more than just music.

“Also I love to paint, whether it’s splatter painting or actually painting whatever pops in my head at the time,” Mr. Vibrations said. “That’s why a huge role model of mine is Salvador Dalí, because not only did he do what he loved all his life but he pushed the boundaries of how the world saw things at the time, he lived through his art and his persona,” he said.

With this multitude of talents, Mr. Vibrations will be full of surprises and excitement on the Mr. East stage. His performance should not be missed!