Mr. East candidates dress up to show school spirit

For the past two days, you may have been asking yourself why ten crazy creatures were roaming the East hallways, or why ten students boldly fashioned their own clothing line (if you can even call it that) for the student body. Though many may attribute these actions as normal habits of the ten uninhibited seniors, there is an explanation this time: the 2010 Mr. East competition.

On Friday, April 9, ten candidates, Alex Bendik (’10), Mike Davis (’10), Justin Henderson (’10), Mac McNellis (’10), Obi Onejeme (’10), Justin Parker (’10), Andrew Purcell (’10), Rishi Sarkar (’10), Francis Schmutz (’10)  and Justin Singson (’10), will be competing for the title of Cherry Hill East’s Mr. East. But the competition begins prior to the anticipated night. Each day during the week leading up to the final performances, the Mr. East contestants will be thematically dressing up to flaunt their spirit.

On Monday, the aforementioned crazy creatures were actually just the boys dressing up for “Man vs. Wild” day. Tuesday, they were prohibited from wearing all accepted clothes for “ABC” (which stands for “Anything But Clothes”) day. Wednesday will pump up East for Friday, as it goes along with the Olympic theme of the show, when the boys will all dress up for “Warm-up Wednesday” in athletic gear. Each contestant must lastly dress as his personal persona on Thursday, since all will be fully occupied on Friday in rehearsals.

The contestants will be judged and awarded points on each of the dress-up days. They were advised to go “all-out” with their costumes, though at times they look “all out” of their minds.