Mock Trial meets Friday, January 6

Mock Trial met today after school in B146. The team is working hard to prepare for their trials on January 22 and 29 in the Camden County courthouse. Advisor Mrs. Dolan has bumped team meetings up to two times a week: the regular Tuesday meetings held from 6 pm to 8 pm and another meeting after school, this one on a different day each week. Today the team worked to prepare its members for some new roles. Due to some changes on the team, two new lawyers and three prospective witnesses have jumped in.Mock Trial is an extracurricular activity where students have the opportunity to work on a court case as though they were the lawyers and the witnesses. The lawyers prepare cross examinations and direct examinations to try and get information out of their witnesses, while the witnesses learn their roles so that they can respond effectively.This year’s case is one of distracted driving and distracted walking. A pedestrian listening to her iPod attempted to cross the street outside of the crosswalk and was hit by a driver who had looked down to check their phone. The team’s next meeting is Tuesday, January 11.