Math contest’s attendence is going up

About three times a marking period students flock to second floor C-wing. Why? The answer is obvious- the New Jersey Mathematics League math contest. Math teacher Mr. Killion is the coordinator of the math contest that awards students extra credit in their math classes. Each test includes six questions, and most math teachers give students an extra credit point for each correct answer.

“I need extra points to help my math grade,” said Ross Silverberg (’09).

Silverberg expressed the reason why most students turn up for the math contest. Even though the math contest has been in existence for about 10 to 15 years, Killion has noticed an increase in the number of students that participate in the math contest this year.

“This year has by far been the highest turnout…Maybe the kids are just more aware of it,” said Killion. Killion noted that about 250 students stayed after school today to take the math contest whereas in past years the number was closer to 120 students.

Today the math contest took place in six separate math classrooms and some students were even forced to sit in makeshift desks because the turnout was so large. But the students feel that the extra credit is worth the half hour that is spent after school.

“I thought it was pretty hard, but I got three right… [Extra credit] is pretty much the only reason I come,” said Jason Malaran (’10).