The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


Marlowe (’10) plans the future of SGA

The recent election of Bret Marlowe (’10) for student government president of next year school year provided him with immediate plans for the future of our school.

“We’re going to start up right away,” Marlowe said.

He plans to take original ideas and alter them in order to increase student enthusiasm.

Said Marlowe, “We’re going to begin with Mr. East. Were going to try to promote it differently than in the past. We want to promote it through the individual contestants to hype it up more. Hopefully we will get more people to attend.”

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Marlowe has high expectations for next school year. Right after Mr. East he plans to bring back a Variety Show.

“We haven’t had [a variety show] here for a few years,” Marlowe said, “It’s going to be a kind of talent show for both students and staff, which will take place around May.”

His priorities relate solely to the student body.

“[I] want to try to boost the moral of students throughout East,” Marlowe said.

He also plans to bring back Battle of the Bands in a new and improved manner.

“We want to combine Battle of the Bands with East and West. I think it will be a fun competition to help the overall experience at East,” said Marlowe.

As president, Marlowe realizes the issues that the student body faces. He wants to help improve the conditions at school, as well as the help the students feel comfortable in their school environment.

“People don’t necessarily want to go to school,” says Marlowe, “but I want to make it that much better.”

Next year, the school can look forward to having Marlowe accomplish his said ambitions.

“Really my goal here is to make myself available to students. I encourage them to contact me for anything,” said Marlowe.

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