Madrigals ensemble changes its name to Voce


Juliet Bender

Voce members pose with their “I’m not mad anymore” shirts.

Most students are familiar with the popular singing group in the East Vocal Department, Madrigals, but this year the small ensemble adopted a whole new look and name.

The group was originally known as “Madrigals,” but the vocal director, Mrs. Lori Laussi, made the decision to change the name to Voce for the start of the 2014-2015 school year. Previously, Madrigals generally sang Renaissance music, but as the music began to change, the group’s style needed to as well.

Mrs. Laussi said, “We needed to change the costumes to reflect the seriousness of the music, but also something we can dance in.”

The group now changed the outfits to red dresses and costumes to reflect the colors of East.

Madrigal means Italian Renaissance music; however, Voce more accurately reflects the different style of music that the group sings. Voce comes from the Latin phrase “Viva Voce,” which means “with living voice” or “by word of mouth.”

Jenna Camacho (’17), one of the newest members of the group said, “This year we are singing a wide range of music which includes one Madrigal song for a concert, so we don’t completely get rid of them.”

Voce sings a variety of music, excluding pop music. Madrigals, and now known as Voce, has originated twenty-five years ago. Today, Voce performs at East and off campus as well, including places like Longwood Gardens, Carnegy Mall and Caffe Aldo Lambarti.

The new slogan on the Voce shirt is, “I’m Not Mad Anymore.” This is a play on the group’s old name as it was previously called “Mad” for short.

“I really liked the play on words and puns, so we came up with that slogan,” said Mrs. Laussi.

Voce will continue at East, replacing the beloved Madrigals, to demonstrate great musical talent in both Renaissance music and choir music.