Legally Blonde gets cancelled due to the Coronavirus


Preview image of the playbill program from Legally Blonde.

For forty-two years of persistent theatrical excellence, much of East’s staff and veteran student members reminisce with heavy hearts for their former theatre director, Tom Weaver. Although the man himself is noticeably absent from East’s halls and auditorium, the array of his awards serve as memoria of a great timeline at East—as well Glassboro High School too— and now you have a theatre program who has enjoyed “Best Play” honors in multiple Tri-State festivals and the title of “Best Overall Production in the State of New Jersey,” (notably for the fall production of The Tempest a few senior members may remember seeing in the 2015-2016 season).
Nowadays, a new member of the East staff challenges responsibility for Theatre direction. In past years, one may have known him as the Assistant/Projection Director — and as an English teacher to add— but this year and onward, the main man in charge is no other than Mr. Gambino.
Few may ever live to a similar legacy as Mr. Weaver; however, with the recent success of production , Legally Blonde, it is evident that East Theatre will shine far into the foreseeable future. That is of course, if the contingency of the Coronavirus epidemic allows for this.
To add some context, Legally Blonde is an ebb and flow story of the hotheaded young girl, Elle Woods. Along her journey, Elle challenges her status quo to exhaustive academics, in hopes of earning a J.D degree at Harvard University; thereby giving her a chance to impress expectations of her brilliant sweetheart, who happens to be the town governor’s son. Through her perseverance comes great heartbreak: apparently Elle isn’t the only girl at the school with a love endeavor for Emmett Richmond, rival student Vivian Kensington prompts a polarizing lifestyle for Ellie; which goes as far to prohibit her application process, to the conclusion of a joint-murder investigation.
If you plan to view Legally Blonde yourself, well, you may be fresh out of luck. Student actors/actresses Alicia Conzenza (20), Jackson Feutdner (20), Marco Porras (20) and Daniel Peipersburgh (21) —and many more supporting roles accompanied by their side— are among the prime stars who performed as Elle Woods, Emmett Richmond, Warner Huntington III and Professor Callahan, respectively. As of the opening night of Legally Blonde occurring on the weekend of March 6th, admission tickets sold for around $15, with a moderate level of success.
Notwithstanding the delay brought by the Coronavirus, support towards the East Music Boosters is highly encouraged to be sought after. Ever since it’s induction, out-of-pocket donations had provided beneficial impacts for the quality of theatre: such volunteer efforts have provided meal opportunities for performers and viewers alike; provide enough money to fund Scholarship opportunities for young performers; and have helped purchase lighting, sound, costumes and other miscellaneous equipment that made production possible.
There are various ways in which one could gain membership to the Boosters program, with the most feasible option listed under the “Friend” Status of Music-Boosters, highly encouraged for alumni, grandparents, faculty and thespian supporters to donate just 25 dollars to our program. If you wish to become a sponsor, please visit the link below for additional information. As a student of Cherry Hill East, I wish for more of my fellow peers to recognize the potential of such a musically-sound student body, especially considering all help is needed to recover from the reckoning of the Coronavirus, in limelight of future events such as East One Act as well as enhancements of future shows to remain at their high esteem.

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