The Leadership in Sports Club introduces students to the concept of leadership

Jenna Simons, Eastside Staff

Danny Clark, parent of two Cherry Hill East students, poses an important question: Why should students have to wait until they are adults to learn the fundamentals of leadership?

Clark answered this question by creating The Leadership in Sports Club at Cherry Hill High School East.

“This is very exciting to me, you know, because you’re not waiting until you’re 55, you’re doing something now that you want to do,” said Clark.

The Leadership in Sports Club is the first of its kind, but is based off of leadership programs from universities such as Columbia University, Howard University and the University of Pennsylvania.

“Leadership is a necessity in sports, but it is also a skill that I am going to be able to use in my future career,” said Erica Thunberg (‘17), member of The Leadership in Sports Club.

Members of the club are not required to be involved in sports. All students are welcome to join the club.

Clark said, “The goal of the club is very simply to introduce the students to the definition and concept of leadership and what it can mean to every student earlier in their careers.”

Clark, along with Mr. Hulme, assistant principal and the director of athletics, and Mr. Surrency, teacher and East football coach will run the Leadership in Sports Club.

Clark plans to bring in guest speakers to the club, such as the TD Bank President, Eagles and Steelers players, some of whom he knows personally through his fraternity. Clark wants to stray away from teachers and staff members and get more outside voices and opinions because students are familiar with the East faculty and see them nearly everyday.

The club will run for one semester and at the end of the semester all club members who earn a certificate will be awarded one.

The Leadership in Sports Club will meet weekly for a half an hour during lunch breaks or after school.