Latinos and Amigos calls for more respect


Jillina Solis ('23)

Latinos and Amigos placed donation boxes at East’s main entrance and student entrance.

The Hurricane Relief Drive, a drive hosted by Latinos and Amigos in partnership with the Latinos at West club, aimed to aid those affected by hurricanes Fiona and Ian. The drive ran for 3 weeks: from Thursday, October 6th to Friday, October 28th. To the club members, the drive – which was meant to be a convenient way for students to provide relief to struggling families in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic – was not given the respect it deserved. On October 26th, it was reported that trash was found in the donation bins.

Trash and few donations were found in the donation boxes. (Jillina Solis ’23)

Jillina Solis (‘23) reached out on behalf of Latinos and Amigos to express their frustration with the treatment of the club. 

“We were enraged to discover that there was garbage in our box and little to no donations in our box,” wrote Solis. 

Jillina hopes to spread awareness regarding the mistreatment the club received for trying to do something for a good cause. The trash not only disrespected the drive but also insulted the members of the club who have families that were affected by the hurricanes.

The club feels directly insulted and hopes for more respect and donations in the future.

“We want our story to be heard so that way we can prevent it from happening again to us and other clubs,” wrote Solis.