LARP club brings out the creativity in students

I am Stankovic, the legendary warrior of Tabriz. My parents, the sun and the moon, cooped me up into an ancient rock and launched me into this world. Down I seared to the surface, blazing through every layer of this planet’s atmosphere, listening to every molecule of air scream joyfully at the idea of being burned into my rock. Just, beautiful and pure at-heart – I rid the world of evil and shower myself in the happy tears of the innocent… sort of.

Actually, I’m Autreen Rahbari, Eastside Radio Manager and Editor, son of two engineers and born in Voorhees, NJ – but that doesn’t mean I can’t be the legendary Stankovic either.

Cherry Hill East’s LARP club (Live Action Role Play) is a little known, little spoken of universe with infinite possibilities. The club, launched at the beginning of the school year, encourages people to create their own characters, plot their own stories and – of course – fight battles against each other.

“It’s like a video game that’s played in real life” says co-founder Taylor Kosinski (’10). “You can take on a new game, a new class, a new everything… you can build a new character background.”

LARP encourages creativity and originality in every aspect of the game, including wardrobe. Suede, leather, cotton and other fabrics (or even metals) are processed into custom-made character costumes.

“It’s a different experience,” adds other LARP co-founder Avi Segal (’10). “It takes a lot of time and a lot patience, but it’s worth it in the end.”

LARP takes place in C201 or the library every other Tuesday.