Korean Culture Club’s first meeting is a big success

Club Officers:
Youn Jang, President
Jungwon Byun, Vice President
Oruny Choi, Secretary
Jason Li, Publicist
Mrs. Heath, Advisor

    The Korean Culture Club (“KCC”) met today in room C206 for its first meeting of the year. Officers greeted returning and new members with an assortment of free food and soda. President Youn Jang announced many exciting events and fundraisers the club is planning for this year. The KCC plans to organize a team for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk at the Copper River, October 25. The 3.8 mile walk will benefit the American Cancer Society. The KCC also hopes to volunteer monthly at a local nursing home which has a designated wing for Korean residents.

Although the name may deter students of other cultures to avoid the KCC meetings, the club is open to students of all ethnicities. In fact, more than 50% of today’s attending members were of cultures other than Korean. Everyone has a great time at KCC meetings. Irene Jun (’13) thinks “the first meeting went really well,” and future meetings are sure to be equally great. So if you’re interested in Korean culture, fundraising and of course free food, be sure to attend the next KCC meeting.