Kenny Smith wins spring dodgeball title


Eastside held its biannual spring dodgeball tournament on May 18. There were 35 different teams competing for their shot at winning the championship. The games were held in the DiBart Gym starting at 7 p.m.

The overall champion of the tournament was team Kenny Smith. The members of the team were Captain Andrew Bowen (’16); Kobe Sutherland (’16); David Golkow (’16); Jon Rosen (’16); Benji Grossman (’16) and Olin McClendon (’16). During the championship round, Kenny Smith went 5-2 and was the second place team going into the championship against Skillz That Killz.

Skillz that Killz, a mostly sophomore team, consisted of Captain Zack Padersky (’17); Skyler Colton (’17); Will O’Kane (’17); Colin O’Donnell (’17); Evan Campbell (’17); Ryan Taylor (’17) and Mr. Jason Speller. Skillz That Killz were 6-1 going into the championship series against Kenny Smith. Kenny Smith won the first game, Skillz That Killz won the second and Kenny Smith won the decisive third.

The division winners were Skillz that Killz in Division A; S.M.A.T Team in Division B; Chin Strap in Division C; Kenny Smith in Division D; Above Average Joes in Division E; D6 Bound in Division F and Daj Maball in Division G. The wild card teams were Your Mom’s Favorite Dodgeball Team from Division B; The Strokers from Division C; Snipe! from Division D; Goon $quidz from Division E; Taking Care of Business from Division F and SYFI from Division G.

The Championship round had something unexpected. After going 0-2 in their first two games, Snipe! walked out of the DiBart Gym and forfeited the rest of their games, leaving each team who played them after their forfeit to get a free win. Taking Care of Business played the remaining games in their place, but any wins they accumulated did not count.

The wild card round leading up to the championship round had Snipe!, Taking care of Business and Your Mom’s Favorite Dodgeball fighting for the last playoff spot after they each won their first wild card game. Snipe! moved onto the wildcard round by defeating Taking Care of Business. Snipe! had previously beaten Your Mom’s Favorite Dodgeball team and Taking Care of Business had defeated SYFI in the round prior.

After a long night of using the five D’s of dodgeball, “Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge,” in the words of Patches O’Houlihan from Dodgeball: The Movie, Kenny Smith had come out on top and hope to defend their championship next fall.