Juniors win Homecoming dance attendance


Photo courtesy of Cindy Zhu

Junior have a great time at Homecoming.

Ethan Tinkelman, Eastside Radio Manager

This past Friday, Nov. 21, was East’s movie themed Homecoming Dance. The Homecoming Dance was hosted by SGA, and was an event for all students. The movie theme was seen in the decorations and food, such as the popcorn machine, movie candy and even the objects that held down the red and white balloons, which had pictures of specific movies. The dance started off slow, but people began to dance once the cafeteria filled up. About 170 students attended the dance, but the Junior class won the attendance competition for Spirit Week.

When asked about planning the dance, East President Darren Hwang (’15) said, “Finding the DJ, getting the food and planning the decorations definitely took a lot of time.”

DJ Curtis Remarc played an eclectic selection of current pop music, a few remixes of throwback songs, some electronic music and a little bit of hip-hop. His fluid mixing and high energy kept the crowd dancing throughout the entire night.

Many students wore casual clothing, but some dressed up more by wearing suits or nice dresses. Most students were dancing, but the crowd dwindled throughout the night, causing the dance to end a half-hour early at 10 p.m. Although the student turnout was a little less than SGA expected, the night was definitely still a success.

East Coordinator for Student Activities, Mr. Davis, said it best, “The kids who are sitting at home right now… you’re missing a great time.”