Jared Burmood Senior Perspective


Emelia Keller

Burmood kicks a soccer ball.

Jared Burmood, For Eastside

My goal upon entering East was to go unnoticed, and since you are reading this now, you can assume that outcome. I tried my best though. I never got into sports; I never got into a relationship; I never went to a single dance.

Except, I only wish that were true. For the past four years, I’ve played soccer for East and had a few relationships here and there; some of it was good, and some of it was bad. I’ve also attended multiple dances and went to prom with my current girlfriend.

Despite not being a ghost, things have changed over the years. For those of you who don’t know, I always wore shorts. I am finally wearing pants when the weather calls for it. I’ve also gotten into card games—and no, not poker or blackjack—I got into Yu-Gi-Oh! So now during lunch instead of eating for 25 minutes, it is five minutes of eating and 20 minutes of dueling. Freshman year, I would have stayed away from the person I’ve become, a “conflicted jock” as I like to call it.

Being a “conflicted jock” has its perks. I’ve been in almost if not all classrooms, been in the wretched locker rooms and even survived a rare encounter in Chapman’s office. This has been a good way for me to explore the school in the most lackadaisical way possible. Even though it wasn’t the full tour of East, it was still a “free” tour.

To wrap up my explanation of life here, I would like to provide a word to describe East. This is no normal word though. This word comes straight from Doctor Vivone, and that word is semmmis, the word amongst all words. So, to all of you stay semmmis.