Israel Awareness Club celebrates Israel’s Independence Day

Today after school in C306, The Israel Awareness Club had a successful second meeting. The club leaders taught a brief history on Theodore Herzl, the man who created the first Zionist congress. Herzl formed the congress in the hopes of developing a united homeland for the Jews. Wishing to create a safe haven away from anti-Semitism, Herzl was committed to building an asylum nation for his Jewish people. The club also discussed Israel’s Independence Day. To celebrate Israel’s “Birthday”, the club served everyone birthday cake. In addition to the delicious dessert, the club members discussed their opinions on current events in Israel. To conclude the meeting, members discussed ideas for a video project advocating Israel, which they eventually hope to send to a congressman. 

For future meetings the club plans to continue planning this video project as well as have debates over disputes in Israel. The club also plans to organize a meeting with a guest speaker sometime within the next two weeks.