Interview of next year’s Board of Education representative; Jungwon Byun

Q: What went into the election process?

A: First, we had to submit an application listing our activities, etc. We also answered some questions about educational issues. Then we gave a speech in front of Student Government—mine was about getting rid of the class ranking system. After all that, we were grilled in front of a group of faculty members and students.

Q: What made you want to be BOE Rep?
A: I think the idea of being able to work with adults and discuss serious issues was what really made me want to be Board of Ed Rep. I also figured, if I [were] going to represent the school, I would get to know a variety of people. I also like being in SGA now.

Q: What responsibilities does the BOE Rep have?
A: The Board of Ed Rep has to attend all of the BOE meetings, and then report all that information back to SGA. At the third BOE meeting of each month, which is the Action Meeting, I will give a brief speech about life at East. Although I don’t get voting rights, I still get to participate, especially when the board makes decisions that affect us as students. It’s my duty to speak up. Also, I will now help out with SGA.

Q: Do you have any specific plans to do this job?
A: To start, I’ll be talking to Brett a lot. I’ve already contacted some of the board members about what this job means and I’ll probably continue to keep in touch. I will also start going to the meetings even before my term begins. I’ll also be on the district website a lot more than before. In general, I’ll pay more attention around East so I know what’s going on. The budget was just passed, so I’m not completely sure what other issues might be on the table.

Q: How are you planning on expanding students’ awareness of the BOE/you as BOE Rep?
A: I understand that a lot of students don’t really know about BOE Rep, but I’m going to have to talk to a lot of students just to get their perspective on a variety of issues. Just by me talking to them, I think I’ll be able to raise awareness about this position. I’m not sure about the logistics but, if possible, maybe I’ll work something out with other organizations to help keep students informed and create an opportunity for students to voice their opinions.