Habitat for Humanity member discusses Stuff-a-Trunk event

Elise Goldstein, For Eastside

On Saturday, Nov. 11, Cherry Hill East’s Habitat For Humanity held their “Stuff-a-Truck” event from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. “Stuff-a-Truck” was located in East’s front parking lot. The purpose of this event was to collect household items such as clothes, toys and furniture.

“Common items that were brought included lamps, painted photographs for walls, household plants and chairs,” Shayna Gutin (‘17) said. The most popular item, however, was clothing.

Whether they were friends or family, members from our South Jersey community came by to bring items that they did not need at their home anymore and donated them to “Stuff-a-Truck.”

“Many people from our community came to donate items, but I hope to see more people come out for the next event,” Gutin added.

The items that were brought were packed into a truck by Habitat For Humanity’s volunteers and sent for restore in Burlington County. About 12 students came to help out and prepare the truck.

“This event was a lot of fun and I hope more people come out to support Habitat for Humanity in the future,” Alyson Skloff (‘17) said.

During this event, Habitat for Humanity was also having a bake sale through which they sold baked goods such as brownies, cookies and cupcakes.

“From when I was at the event, a good amount of money was collected,” Skloff said.

Overall, this event will benefit Habitat For Humanity because the items that were brought will make the houses built look even better.