Habitat for Humanity holds a day-build trip


Courtesy of @cheasthabitat on Instagram

Students organize rugs at the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Maple Shade.

On January 26th, 2023, some of Cherry Hill East’s Habitat for Humanity members spent the day volunteering their time to help others. Accompanied by club advisors Mr. Console and Mr. Mancinelli, 36 students boarded a school bus to Burlington County at 8 am and arrived back at East at around 2 pm. The students were able to work on a construction site or organize hardware and furniture at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. 

Ten students worked on the construction site in Burlington City, New Jersey, and the other 26 students organized the Restore in Maple Shade, New Jersey. 

In order to build on a construction site with Habitat for Humanity you must be 16 years of age, which is why only a select few students were chosen to build. Those working on the construction site spent their hours building a new stable ramp for a home within the Burlington City community. Along with Habitat for Humanity Burlington County, East students were able to make it easier and safer for a family to enter their home. 

While the ten students were working on the construction site, the other 26 students split into three different groups and worked on organizing the Habitat for Humanity Restore. One group transformed a pile of numerous hefty rugs into a neat stack where each rug was rolled, making them easy to find. The other two groups transported large humidifiers from one room to another and sorted window frames. 

Habitat for Humanity Restores sell new and gently used furniture for a fraction of the price and the proceeds made go to the community’s Habitat for Humanity offices. The money is then used to construct and fix homes and buildings in the area. 

Alana Rellosa (‘25), East’s Habitat for Humanity publicist, worked in the Restore where she organized rugs and helped customers find just what they were looking for. 

“There were several customers who came in looking for rugs, so all of us helped them find the rugs they wanted,” said Rellosa. 

Whether you are actively building on the construction site or working in the Restore you are leaving a lasting impact on the community which is exactly what CHE Habitat for Humanity strives to do. 

“I felt really good after I came home from the field trip… It feels great knowing that you are helping people,” said Rellosa. 

Console and Mancinelli were thrilled with the turnout and have planned more day builds to come.