Habitat for Humanity helps build home in Beverly, New Jersey

Students who shivered by the heaters today in class seem like fussy complainers compared to those who went on the Habitat for Humanity day-build today in Beverly, NJ.

Six Habitat club members woke up this morning, left school at 8:15 and went to dry wall an un-built house for the less fortunate.

“For example … we had to measure the wall. We measure it out on the board … then you cut the dry wall and put it against the wall and then you nailed it in. And [we] did the ceilings and walls [this way],” said first-year Habitat member Anna Johnson (’10).

Stopping only to grab a slice of pizza for lunch, the six workers hammered and nailed until about 1:30.

“It was freezing! … At first I was like, ‘I should’ve just gone to school’ … but I’m glad I did it. It was fun,” Johnson said.

One cannot blame Johnson for feeling regretful at first in the 32-degree weather this morning, but must commend her and the rest of the working gang for their bittersweet attempts to help the poor in the bitter cold midst of winter.