Great turn-out at the Habitat for Humanity Meeting on November Fourth


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Cherry Hill East students participate in Habitat for Humanity.

Samantha Schimpf, Eastside Staff

The fourth Habitat for Humanity meeting of the 2016-2017 school year took place in the auditorium of Cherry Hill East on Friday, November 4 during the first lunch break.

Three of the presidents of the club led the meeting. About one hundred kids came to the meeting. A prominent leader of the meeting was Kira Mahoney (‘18).

Mahoney discussed the upcoming Baltimore trip over the teacher convention long weekend. Students seemed excited to jump into the specifics of the upcoming trip.

Cherry Hill East students will have Thursday, November 10 and Friday, November 11 off of school. A select group of students involved in the Habitat for Humanity chapter at East will be chosen to go to Baltimore from Thursday to Saturday. The students will not only get a chance to experience the lively city in Maryland, but they will be building houses in the area as well.

Students who are not yet sixteen are not permitted access on the Baltimore trip. You must be sixteen years of age to build on the construction site.

However, there are still plenty of events for younger members. There will be another Day-Build on November 16. This event is open to all club members. Students under the age of sixteen will only assist those on the building site.

The annual spring break trip was also briefly mentioned. A few of the students in the auditorium were begging to hear where the trip will be this year. Each year, Habitat for Humanity picks a location in the country where a group of the best club members travel to and start building homes. Last year, the team visited North Carolina.

However, getting on the Habitat spring break trip is not a shoe-in. You must have a total

of ten points to be accepted. A club member can acquire points by going to Habitat for Humanity events. Habitat for Humanity’s events have included a Chipotle fundraiser, a Go-kart fundraiser and even just bringing in old household items to East.

Justin Liebman (‘18), one of the club’s presidents, discussed the shoe-drive coming up. Liebman is running the drive and made it clear to the students that all shoes are accepted with gratitude. Students involved in Habitat for Humanity will be able to bring in old shoes of all sizes as long as the pair is in decent condition. Participating will earn a member points.