Gina Liu feels excited to embrace new role as Freshman President


Gina Liu earns new role of freshman president for Cherry Hill East Class of 2023

Gina Liu, a student at Cherry Hill High School East, earned the title of freshman class president on the evening of September 24th. Mr. Davis formally congratulated Liu, who initially felt overcome with surprise, but now feels honored and excited to embrace her new role. She says, “it was almost a state of denial, but a total relief.”

Liu feels thrilled to become a part of the Cherry Hill East family. She has had experience with leadership positions and roles of responsibility throughout middle school, where she was also president of her eighth eighth grade class, and hopes to continue to inspire her peers through her leadership.

During Liu’s first week at school, she felt touched by the nurturing, compassionate characters of both the teachers and student body, and realized that she wanted to model these traits to her freshman peers as well. A central component of her speech centered on her goal to “increase communications” between students and forming deeper connections within the community. In addition, Liu hopes that every decision she makes will reflect the best interest of her peers and motivate the student body to move forward, driven by their dreams and passions.

 As a part of her campaign, Liu created posters, bookmarks, and a “candy stand” that held free items for anyone who asked questions about her. Although the process of creating ideas that would appeal to the students was initially a challenge, Liu feels rewarded by the overall effects. “Anything is worth running for and there are obstacles you must overcome,” Liu said.

One of Liu’s greatest sources of support and motivation came from her family and friends. Liu’s mother, in particular, invested time in helping Liu brainstorm ideas for her campaign and drove her to mandatory events. Liu’s friends also guided her, having campaigned for her on several social media platforms. Liu believes that “if [she] didn’t have all the support [she] received, [she] never would have made it that far”.

Liu’s first objective as president focuses on increasing security for the students who walk home. “Students should feel safe inside and outside of school,” she said. Liu strives to create a safe, promising, and welcoming environment where all of her peers can blossom along with her. All that she asks is that they believe in her.