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German Club solely meets to practice soccer footwork

There’s a secret society that makes an appearance only after the final school bell has rung.  The members come equipped with two nets, countless pairs of sneakers and one whistle.  This group hides behind the alias “German Club,” but they do not practice speaking German.  They practice soccer. 

German Club meets a couple of times a month in the East Gym and is supervised by Mr. Moehlmann, a German teacher at East.  Anyone is welcome but the majority of participants are there to work on their soccer skills during the off-season.

“The original purpose of [the German Club] was for exercise and entertainment,” said Moehlmann, the founder of the German club. 

In his opinion, the game inside is more intense on the ground skill; there are no throw-ins and no out of bounds, which allows the players to really focus on their footwork.

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Justin Henderson (’10), a member of the JV boys’ soccer team who hopes to play varsity next season, attends German Club to keep him in shape.

“Playing in the gym builds stamina because the gym is small so you’re constantly running after the ball,” said Henderson.

Kaity Hartkopf (’11) is the only girl who participates in indoor soccer, but she said that she is friends with most of the boys so problems never arise.  Hartkopf said that besides the fact that she loves the sport, she plays to stay in shape and to keep her foot on the ball.

Brandon Kates (’09), who is planning on playing soccer next year in college, is a regular member of the German Club. 

“I play so I can stay in shape for college,” said Kates.

Additionally, Kates said playing indoors helps him specifically with touches and the technical parts of the game.

While the organization may be on the hush, its no secret that East soccer will only get stronger with the help of the German Club.

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