Future Doctors of America Club holds bake sale

The Future Doctors of America Club (FDA) stood outside of the auditorium after school on Monday, December 7, showcasing an array of tempting sweet treats for students to purchase.

The goods, ranging from snowman cookies to deluxe chocolate brownies, brought in a decent revenue for the club.

President of FDA, Minda Zhu (’10) explained that the revenue made from fundraisers, such as this bake sale, will help pay for field trips and other special activities. In past years, FDA members have traveled to medical museums, and have had the opportunity to see a live kidney transplant.

“[The funds raised] are mainly for t-shirts at the end of the year,” said Zhu, “because we hand them out for free.”

Next to Zhu stood Paul Jang (’10), club treasurer. Jang, who helped sell the goods, believes that the bake sale was an overall success.

The officers and members of the club look forward to future activities that they hope to organize for the upcoming year, including guest speakers and medical-related field trips.