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Freshmen elect new representatives

Students of the Class of 2014 voted for Student Government Association (SGA) representatives during the class elections on October 12 in Cafeteria 2 throughout the school day. 

These elections for representatives followed the freshman officer elections a few weeks prior.  The main purpose of the representatives is to keep the entire class informed on news, exciting events happening for each class and around the school.  The elections were key because students selected the people they believe would do the best job for the school, and the representatives’ decisions and actions directly affect the students’ school life.  It was important for each student to go out and vote.  Freshman students want to get a good start to their high school careers, and it is important for them to be informed by their student government. 

The importance of voting varied from individual to individual.  Leah Mashioff (’14), said, “It is important to vote because the election process is a very vital decision that shouldn’t be based on a popularity contest, but on the right candidate you feel should run the class.” 

Others said they feel that voting in school elections and other smaller elections prepares them for major political elections like voting for president.  Experience voting is gained from these school voting experiences, as well as enjoyable times, if the representatives do a good job in their positions to make the year great. 

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Although each candidate may have similar goals in mind, each has his or her own specific plans if elected. 

 “I would like to improve our school and help out anyone who has any requests for our school,” said Ari Yosef (’14), a candidate for the freshman elections for representatives. 

These representatives will be an important addition to the student government along with the officers. By having new representatives for the freshman class, important events and information will be shared with the student body, resulting in a successful, first year of high school here at East.

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    Clay BoggessOct 14, 2010 at 6:47 am

    This is a good experience for the students because it allows for them to consider and prioritize what they really want to accomplish for their class for the upcoming school year. By keeping everyone informed hopefully more people will want to get involved in the process especially as people start to see results.