Freshman Dance Goes Swimmingly

Cherry Hill East students from all grades came out on Friday, January 10 for the Under the Sea themed Freshman Dance.

“It’s freshman year,” said Sungkwang Oh (’17), freshman class president. “It’s our first dance. It’s our introduction to high school.”

The cafeteria was decorated with blue, green, and white balloons and streamers, along with dolphin balloons. Starfish hung down from the walls, and colored balls lit up the ceiling.

“The decorations were a seven out of ten,” said Gilda Bocco (’17). “I liked the colors.”

Students were offered a variety of food, including mozzarella sticks, tater tots, and for dessert, cookies and brownies.

Many students could be found socializing with friends out in the hallway or sitting at the tables in the back of the cafeteria.

“It’s a good way to see your friends you don’t have classes with,” said Ally Mora (’17).

Other students spent the night on the dance floor, although many students had complaints about the quality of the music.

“It was good,” said Jarod Devos (’17), “but the DJ could’ve been better.”

Sophomore Grace Shen (’16) said she had a great time at the dance with all of her friends.

“I wouldn’t say it’s as good as mine,” said Shen, “but definitely a great time!”

On the way out the door, students received a dark blue t-shirt with the words ‘Cherry Hill East Freshman Dance 2014’ printed on the front underneath a wave. On the back was a sailboat with ‘freshman’ printed on it, and bubbles underneath with the words ‘Under the Sea’.

Julia Wolf (’17), vice president, said that the dance went even better than expected.

“There was a good turn out,” added Oh. “People had fun, and that’s the point of the dance… for people to enjoy themselves.”