Freshman Class elects its new president and vice presidents

Jenna Simons, Eastside Staff

The Student Government presidents and vice presidents for the Cherry Hill East class of 2018 were elected Monday, September 29.

The vice presidents had no election because there were three candidates running for three available positions. The vice presidents for the Freshman Class are Sabrina DeAbreu (’18), Aditi Lohtia (’18) and Louis Zimmerman (’18). The presidential candidates were JD Carusi (’18), Madison Dautle (’18) and Madeline Levin (’18). The winner of the presidential election was Madison Dautle.

The Freshman Student Government advisers, Ms. Cullen and Mrs. Sassinski, are excited to be advising the Freshman Class. It is their first time advising a class. Ms. Cullen said that she is looking for Student Government members that are looking to not only better the student body but the entire East population.

The Freshman Class president Madison Dautle said that she is “open to suggestions and… you can tell [her] about something that you would like to see done differently.” Dautle already has ideas such as apparel sales and fundraisers and she wants to get everyone involved in order to unite the class.

Zimmerman has some goals for the freshman class as well such as getting everyone involved and planning events including school dances and fundraisers. Since Louis Zimmerman was a senator in the student government at Beck Middle School, he has prior experience.

Lohtia hopes to improve the Freshman Class’s future, community and world. She wants to give everyone in her class an opportunity to be heard.

DeAbreu said that she “plan[s] on working hard on [her] student government team.” DeAbreu served as a co-president last year for the student government at Beck Middle School.