French Club enjoys a variety of French fables and foods

Today the French Club met in room C303.  Presidents Nathaniel Moldoff (’10), Margaret  Gammie (10) and Natasha Andriyanycheva (’10) chose to show a French movie entitled “Mes Premiéres Fables de La Fontaine en dessins animés,” a series of animated French fables from the 17th century.  This series included the stories “The Tortoise and the Hare,” “The Chicken who Laid the Golden Eggs,” The Grasshopper and the Ant,” “The Frog who Wanted to be as Big as a Bull,” “The Crow and the Fox,” “The Wolf and the Lamb,” and “The City Rat and the Country Rat,” in the French language. The club also discussed possibly hosting a party for the French exchange students in February.

On other occasions the club has had French cheese tasting, a tribute day to France, and a French scrabble tournament. The goal of the French club is to help spread French culture, increase the club’s membership count and raise the overall interest of French.

“We welcome anyone to come even if they don’t take French,” said club member Colton Southall (’11). At the meetings, there are assortments of French foods, from Croissants to French cookies. The turnout is usually between ten and fifteen people, but the members hope for that number to grow over the course of the year.

The French club meets about once a month, and will remain open to all that are interested in participating.