FOP has third meeting

The Fraternal Order of Police club held its third meeting for sophomores and seniors today. FOP is a club where students make holiday decorations for a holiday party that is put on in the end of December for a thousand special needs children and their teachers. The overall chair people for FOP are Jheri Grossman and Shannon Haar who are both seniors. Today the students worked more on the decorations.

“The decorations for this year’s holiday party are going to be winter and holiday themed as usual,” said Jheri Grossman (’11). “But the Santa Clause room will have a candy land theme this year.” The students who attend the most meetings are the one chosen to attend the holiday party.Preview

“I really love making the decorations for the kids, I like to help out,” said Tyler Caton (’11).

The next meeting for FOP is tomorrow after school for juniors and seniors and tomorrow night for all grades.