First Homecoming dance a great success

Last night — due to the mastermind of SGA President Emily Zippilli (’09) — East students gathered in the DiBart Gym, styled in dresses and button-down shirts, to bask in the music of DJ Jack Frost.

A number of tables lined the front of the gym allowing students to take a rest and enjoy some of the food displayed. They were given a choice of marshmallows or fruit in chocolate fondue, cookies, éclairs and party mix.

But in the back, the mood took a serious turn. A swarm of bouncing heads represented a number of the 580 attendees squished in the party scene at the back. The music blasted at full volume to pump students up for the Homecoming football game on Thanksgiving Day.

And, of course, with the new tradition of a Homecoming dance comes the new tradition of Homecoming king and queen. SGA decided to put a twist on the traditional king and queen custom, just as in past years for the pep rally and Thanksgiving game. Representatives from each grade were chosen by the student population’s vote. Voters were given a list of SGA officers to choose from and the nominee(s) from each grade with the most votes, (along with his/her/their escort(s)), won the title of Homecoming representatives.  This year’s Homecoming representatives were Nydajah Hayes (’12), Caroline DiBartolomeo (’11), Melanie Wittenberg (’10), Kim Regan (’10), Meredith Keller (’09), Todd Hummel (’09), Mike Sadowsky (’09) and Casey Dworkin (’09).

According to Zippilli, the dance superseded SGA’s expectations. They received $5,000 in proceeds and the attendance was ideal. East students had a great time partaking in a tradition that so many other schools enjoy … just the goal Zippilli aimed for.

Although no one knew what to expect of the newly developed Homecoming dance this year, everyone knows what to expect for years to come– excited East students dancing together to display their school spirit.