Fidget spinner fad proves dangerous

Aliyah Anderson, Eastside Staff

Although the original purpose of fidget spinners is to help those who have trouble focusing- have anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or autism- fidget spinners have recently made their appearance in the hands of teenagers across the nation including many of those who walk through the hallways here at Cherry Hill High School East.

By allowing those who need spinners to distract themselves and get their energy out, fidget spinners also relieve stress. However, when spinning the devices on fingers, toes, foreheads and even noses, these toys become quite distracting for those using them and everyone else around them.

Almost as impressive as the bottle flip, these spinners can be used to do crazy tricks and are being traded. For up to 8,000 dollars in price on Amazon, you can purchase these three-pronged palm sized pieces of plastic and metal in stores, online or even in school.

Ironically, this new craze has successfully done the opposite of its purpose. Instead of helping people focus they have become the reason they cannot. Fidget spinners, while fun to play with, distract many students from important lessons.

These spinning gadgets have become controversial. Many teens and children who do not need them have started spinning for enjoyment. They have become such a disturbance within classrooms that they have been banned in schools. Fidget spinners have brought on a new meaning for the term “spin class.” Spinners also make a whirring noise that is hard to ignore. In fact, 32 percent of the top 200 high schools in America have already banned them.

The diversion caused by these playthings are not the only problem. Spinners can also be extremely dangerous for

Courtesy of Boardwalk Buy
Fidget spinners gain popularity at East.

children. Generally, each spinner has four metal bearings. These can easily be detached and swallowed. Several kids have been rushed to hospitals after choking on pieces of metal. Small fingers can also be lodged into the holes of the spinner. Both of these accidents can call for medical attention and some situations can be so life threatening that they require surgery. These spinners also contain dangerous amounts of lead and mercury.

Although it is not the most complex of inventions, the fidget spinner has both its advantages and disadvantages. Everyone fidgets in some way, but having a mini ceiling fan in your hand might not be the best method to stop this.