Fashion Club holds its model casting for spring fashion show

Today after school in the dance room, the fashion club had its model casting for their upcoming fashion show which will be held on April 16th. The model casting consisted of headshots, walk trials and talking sessions regarding what to expect on the day of the fashion show.

“We have to have 30 models based on the clothes were getting,” said one of the Fashion Club vice-presidents, Sammie Cohen (’11).”Even though were having a casting everyone who tries out will probably be in the show.”

The club will be receiving donated clothes for the show from different stores such as David’s Bridal and Wet Seal.

The Fashion Club president, Sami Kofsky (’10) said that a portion of the profit made from the fashion show will be going towards a Familiai Dysautomia foundation in support of her brother who has Familiai Dysautomia. Overall, the casting was successful and the Fashion Club is very excited for its spring fashion show.